All the software on this page is freeware. Download, use, and feel free to redistribute the software! We would appreciate citation of the original program articles (listed in the documentation) if you use the software to compute values that are published. The programs are provided as-is, with no warranty. Some come in ZIP files. No installation is necessary. Simply unzip the files to a directory on your hard drive, and click on the exe file to run the program. Documentation is provided in Adobe Acrobat files.

(Note: Simply download these files and copy them to a directory on your computer. No installation is necessary.)


NDC is a Noncentral Distribution Calculator that performs noncentrality interval estimation for the noncentral T, noncentral F, and noncentral Chi-Square distributions. NDC is a stand-alone Windows application. NOTE: If you receive an error message from Windows when trying to access the help file, take the following action to unblock the help file: (a) Right-Click the file Noncent.chm in Windows Explorer; (b) Select Properties; (c) Click on Unblock.

     Program (NDC.EXE)  Help File (Noncent.chm inside a ZIP file)


Multicorr is a MSDOS program to perform single sample comparisons of correlations.  

     Program (  Manual (Multicor.pdf)


R2 is a MSDOS program to compute exact confidence intervals for the squared multiple correlation coefficient, as well as a variety of power calculations, distributional calculations, and non-standard hypothesis tests.

     Program (R2.ZIP)  Manual (R2 Manual.pdf)
How to Run R2 under Windows 7 (R2 under Win7.pdf)


WBCorr is a Mathematica Package that performs pattern hypothesis tests within and/or between independent samples, with or without the assumption of multivariate normality. WBCorr requires Mathematica to run.

     Program, Sample Files, and Manual (WBCORR.ZIP)